Supply Chain for Growth

Customers are demanding more. More information, more transparency, more innovation. In a digital world supply chains are the new frontline responding to these rising demands. DNV GL understands how to help organisations use supply chain data to create trust and compete effectively using their information, their insights and their values.

Top Line Growth

Ensuring that your supply chains deliver cost savings, lower risks, and ensures compliance remain vital and complex challenges. But they are no longer differentiators. Supply chains now must also enable organisations to compete on their information flows and drive top line growth.

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Operational Efficiency

Ensuring the delivery of products and services to customers at the most cost-effective manner possible while still ensuring the high quality remains a core function of procurement.

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Assurance of Product Claims

Consumers want credible, robust and verified information about the products they choose. Telling the right story of your product and increasing transparency into they way products are made and sourced will give you the edge over your competitors.

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Supply Chain Risk Management

Effective Risk Management enables you to perform well in an environment of uncertainty and helps you prioritise and target hotspot areas, and build sustainable business performance.

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Supply Chain Resilience

Supply chains today are global and complex, and for many are regularly disrupted, often opaque and increasingly regulated. Coupled with megatrends of resource scarcity, extreme weather events and technology proliferation, supply chains continue to rapidly evolve and transform. How to ensure long-term resilience of your business when you are reliant on an ever transforming supply chain?

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